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Caroline's Story

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first joined eHarmony. When I first read my Personality Profile I said, "No, that's not me." But as I started looking at the types of men I was being matched with who I knew could be good with me I began to realize that my profile was very much me. It was surprising to think eHarmony knew me better than I knew myself in some aspects. At the same time, it made me able to trust in the system.

 Aaron was one of my first matches, and by reading his profile I was able to figure out if he was the type of person that would be good for me. As we communicated back and forth I began seeing that I could trust the process, and became more comfortable with it, and when we had our first date, it all made sense.

It just seemed so natural when we met; we could just be ourselves. I think when I first met him I knew I was in love with him, and it was weird because it happened so fast and I questioned it.  As we spent more time together, that feeling just got stronger and stronger.

When dating other people not introduced by eHarmony, it’s like you’re not sure what you’re going to expect, so you sort of learn as you go, and sometimes it's not always information you want to learn is there's many incompatibilities after investing so much time. But in our case, it just seems like the more we know each other, the more things that we have in common, and the more we’re more accepting to each other, too. The similarities we share are interesting. Even though we come from different geographic areas, we have similarities in the experiences we had growing up. Just finding out that we share these has made our bond even stronger.

Getting to know Aaron was easier than other relationships I've had. As we progressed, our commonalities helped us to build such a solid trust in each other, so we didn't have to worry about a lot of the things other couples coming together have to worry about. I could just love him for who he was. We both had challenging pasts full of relationship hurts, too, but going through the process, we learned to trust each other. That's where the compatibility came in.

I love him a lot and I think a part of it comes from having gone through the journey to meet each other. Now as we continue that journey into what becomes our future together, I am thankful for the experience of eHarmony bringing us together.
Aaron's Story

I had tried two years of trying different online dating sites and found that the way people were putting themselves up there cheapened the experience into a search engine for pictures and catchphrases. The way people advertised themselves wasn't always an accurate representation of who they really are. I heard that eHarmony was different and was interested in trying it out.

When I saw Caroline's profile I noticed that she had all of the things I was looking for. Her beautiful smile also really drew me in, so I began communication with her. She was definitely someone I was excited to hear from and wanted to talk with more. I had been communicating with some matches in Open Communication, but we'd run out of things to say. With Caroline, it just got more and more exciting. I looked forward to getting her next message. I checked every day to see if she had sent something back, but Caroline took her time responding to the questions we sent back and forth. I was still very excited to find out what her responses were. After communicating for awhile online we had several phone conversations, and each time we interacted we realized how much more we had in common. The more we discovered these compatibilities, the more exciting it got.

I was actually late to our first date because I underestimated how much time it would take for me to get where we agreed to meet. Thankfully, she waited for me and understood that I was genuine. What struck me immediately was that she was even more beautiful in person than she was in her photo, which is usually opposite of what you might find on other matchmaking sites.

Caroline had all of the things I wanted in a woman, but I had experienced past relationships that were bad for me, so I wanted to be cautious. We actually went to couples' counseling just to make sure that we were compatible. The more we talked in those sessions I knew she was the one for me. Right in the middle of one of the sessions I looked over and realized she was the one.

I personally don’t believe in soul mates, but I do feel that Caroline and I are compatible and can make our marriage work. I am very happy to be with her for the rest of my life. The core of our relationship success is our compatibility in self-awareness that makes us able to work on any issues that come up, and to me that is the foundation of marital success.

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