Butterfly Labs 4.5GH/s Jalapeno Bitcoin miner


I Pre-ordered a Jalapeno Bitcoining device from Butterfly Labs back on December 11, 2012.  It has now arrived on August 19, 2013.  It came in a nice professional box as seen below.IMG_3921

So now time to try it out.




I got it installed via USB and it’s own power supply.  I was able to get the EasyMiner software from ButterFly Labs at: http://butterflylabs.com/drivers/

first I tried using deepbit.net as my bitcoining pool, but it kept timing out getting new work, so I moved to a new pool https://eclipsemc.com/ which is the default pool in the EasyMiner software. After running it for 24 hrs I was able to average 5.19GH/s. Using a Kill-A-Watt meter i have found that it uses 15watts when idle and 30watts when active.



I’m putting it up on ebay to see how much someone is willing to pay for one.  The average price is around $600-800, but there are instances of $1000+ that it sells, so I’ll start at the top-end. In the meantime, I’ll let it run, which is averaging 0.05btc per day, which is $5 per day at 8/20/2013 exchange rate ($120/btc).

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 4.44.43 PM

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Labs 4.5GH/s Jalapeno Bitcoin miner

  1. Tony Rayo

    Interesting to see someone with an order close to mine. I ordered my 4.5GH unit on February 9th, it arrived on August 30th but I wasn’t home so I picked it up at the post office on the 30th and have been running it for the last 9 days (well 8d, 21h, 56m according to cgminer). The unit runs a little slow @ 4.25GH (which is within spec).

    Using PPLNS over at BTC Guild, I’ve currently built up a little over 0.2BTC in the period I’ve been running the miner (I haven’t yet needed to restart my setup, which is a Raspberry Pi that only pulls 5w) and I’ve never used this pool before so all data is fresh. With so many variables, any prediction regarding actual money is really just an educated guess. However taking into account my very low power consumption (rounded it up to 50w @ 0.09 cents/kWh, which is the local cost), with running 24/7 and the bitcoin difficulty rising, if the market stays at ~$120/BTC, I will likely see a full ROI in ~2 months and if I really want to play it safe, by year’s end in 3 months.

    Really interested in what you are able to get for it, good luck!

  2. Tony Rayo

    Bleh I meant to say I picked it up on the 31st. Heh do you mind editing the first post and deleting this one? Thx =)


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