The Quiet Canine (TrebleBlaster)

I’ve been listening to Security Now for a couple years, and Steve Gibson has an inspiring story about how he, as a child, constructed a device, which then was called “The Portable Dog Killer“, which really is over stating what it does.  It’s just a very loud dog whistle. It is also called “TrebleBlaster” and “Portable Dog Trainer”.  Well anyway, Steve has since tried a few more circuit designs.  I used the Pyle Tweeter for $6.40 on Amazon and my bill from Digikey was $27.48, for a Grand total of $33.88.

There is a Google Group called Portable Sound Blaster that will have all the lastest info.

I used the Version 2.2.2 of the schematic: TQC_v2.2.2.pdf


My Digikey order came today with all the parts needed to make the circuit:IMG_3085

First I tried out the circuit on a breadboard:


I happen to have a Decibel meter, lets see how loud it is. IMG_3087

It got up to 115dB when 12 inches from the tweeter. AWESOME! Thats as loud as sandblasting or Loud Rock Concert according to this chart.

Next I found a piece of electrical PVC pipe that has a shape like a flash light, that can fit the pyle tweeter:



I figured if I used the dremel to cut out lines aroudn the outside of the tweeter I could squeeze it in:IMG_3091


Yep, that worked, next I drilled the holes for button switches, and soldered together the circuit board:


I was able to fit the board in the end alond with the 9V battery.  I used duct tape to cap the end, but I’ll probably find something better. Here is the finished TrebleBlaster:IMG_3097

Next, Its time to try it out.  I will update this post once I’ve done some tests.

Update: I tried it on the neighbor dog when he is barking and it doesnt scare him at all, so I assume it depends on the dog.


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