Lake Cachuma Camping

We spent the weekend at Lake Cachuma by Santa Barbara, Aug 5-7th, 2011. We experienced “Glamping” or “Glamor Camping” with full bathroom and kitchen in the cabin and meals from the finest restaurants in Solvang and Santa Barbara.

IMG 7229

Thank you Uncle Tap, for the fishing Pole. -Aiden

IMG 7180

Showing Aiden how to use a fishing pole with real bait.

IMG 7193

Angelina looking pretty with her new Del Sol head band she got in Solvang.

IMG 7208

We stayed at cabin Falcon and Hawk, next time we’d like to get 2 cabin right next to each other.  Cabin Eagle has the best view. It would also be nice to get the camping spot across from cabin Condor too.


IMG 7154

IMG 7152

More Pictures here

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