40/20/10m dipole with trapped 80m- Alpha Delta DX-CC replica

Ok, so I just went ahead and made it just like the Alpha Delta DX-CC, which is a 40/20/10m with trapped 80m.  It is also resonate on 15m too.  It is setup as a slightly sloped inverted-V. I installed a 10ft 1.25″ conduit as a mast on the chimney, and put a pulley on top so I can hoist up the antenna without to much trouble.


It took me about 5 tries to get all the bands tuned.

10m leg was 8’4″ from center insulator to fold back point, which tuned to  28.200Mhz @1.2 SWR

20m leg was 16’6″ from center insulator to fold back point, which tuned to 14.111Mhz @1.1 SWR

40m leg was 33’4″ from center insulator to trap, which tuned to 7.100Mhz @ 1.1 SWR

The 80m leg, from trap to end was 3′. which tuned to 3.72Mhz @ 1.0 SWR.

15m was also resonate at 20.9Mhz @1.2SWR.

80m is very narrow tuning, SWR goes up to 6 when moving +/- 100Khz, but I have a LDG Z11 Pro II tuner for the rest of the 80m band.

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