G5RV in backyard at 27ft up

I decided to make a cheap full size G5RV, using 31 ft of Radio Shack 300 Ohm foam core twinlead (100ft = $20), which is alot better then what was on the RadioWavz G5RV that I used to have that fell apart.

I used 102ft of telephone cross-connect wire, which is very small, maybe 24 gauge,  for the legs.  Mostly because it was free.  14 Gauge wire is about $53 per 500ft.  If the tests go well and I want to upgrade, I’ll put in the 14 gauge wire as a more permanent install.

I used the 27ft Jacklite pole, (31ft with the top 2 sections off, which makes it 27ft). The corners of the property are 98ft apart, so it just fits the 2 51ft legs of the G5RV. It is in a inverted V with feedline curved to the roof. Not sure what the radiation pattern is, probably skywave, since it is so low.

So far it looks like it is pretty deaf on 20m, a little better on 40m, and almost 1S better on 80m.

Next plan is to put it up on top of the chimeny, which would put the top at about 27ft+27ft = 54ft. Thats about 20ft higher then the DX-CC, I expect the G5RV will perform significantly better at that height.


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